mom:and then when crazy cat came on-
bec:grumpy cat
mom:grumpy cat! she didn't even show him respect!!

8. Smoke Breaks

You have come to accept that when there’s serious traffic, it’s common practice for the taxi driver to get out, have a smoke, and refill his tea jar from the hot water bottle in the trunk.

(Source: niubibeijing)

well that’s what you get when you ask a drunk person to make your lunch

i love my sisters


A Softer World: 1131
(my self esteem is innumerate)
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do not take 7 zinc tablets in three days to improve your health because it will make you throw up

why are there recipes for fruit salad?????????

i can’t sleep so either i’m really excited for life after college or i drank too much tea today

today i drank a lot of tea and went through old pictures


「一番大事なもの、それは俺の自由 」
me:is it bad to throw away pictures of people?
bec:yes. to avoid the bad juju you must cut the picture into thirteen pieces and throw them into a blue flame while singing the national anthem